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We don’t carry owls to Athens. Discussion meetings of transfer staff are necessary in a dynamically developing field, such as TZT. Within this program, we offer two formats of events designed for the exchange of views and experiences. We choose the topics of the meeting according to the current situation, but we do not leave out your suggestions either. If you are interested in joining the meetings you are welcome.

  • How to turn a research result into a product – a result seen with different eyes
  • How to create a product sheet – or what we offer to whom
  • Minimum for database editors – step by step

If you are interested in the workshop or for more information, contact Radka Šmídová.

For all these occasions, informal meetings and discussions on current topics of knowledge and technology transfer – TT Actual – are an ideal place.

Are you interested in joining and using transfer circles? Contact Klára Langerová.