Inovation has no limits

Invitation to the online conference called Frontier by PatSnap, offered by CeTTAV analyst Jakub Hruška. And when can you join an event with unlimited innovation potential to connect with the world's most innovative minds? In just 21 days, on Thursday 14 October (approx. 14.00 - 23.00 Czech time).

PatSnap you probably know. If not, here’s a brief introduction. A commercial database and advanced patent search tool that does a lot, including rich analytics, a repository of searched patents, and consulting support. It is used by both the UOCHB and CeTTAV at the Academy of Sciences.

The conference will offer 12 expert speakers. The keynote speakers at this year’s Frontier by PatSnap will be Duncan Wardle, former Director of Creativity and Innovation from Disney, and Josh Linkner, entrepreneur and author of several bestselling books.

From 19.00 (Czech time) you can watch the Innovation Academy panel: How academic institutions can raise regional innovation ecosystems. “The programme is worthwhile. I would have picked other interesting talks myself, including some practical ones for PatSnap users. For example, the future of patent searching, measuring innovation, patents in pharma, or mastering the basics of PatSnap,” says Jakub Hruška.

Frontier by PatSnap is free, just register and you can choose from the program menu here.

One question mark remains, however, who or what will be the non-human guest of honor that the organizers are announcing?

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