Product and marketing


  • Implementation plan/strategy including basic financial context
  • Target groups, marketing and promotional tools

Let’s talk about why we should also think about marketing in relation to the results of science. We’ll show what tools and methods we can use to create a roadmap for practical application. We will also look briefly at the methods of basic valuation of the value of the result and the necessary financial context. We will try to define the target groups – the groups of people interested in our result and we will create a focus for the content of the offer and presentations. We will explore the nature of different stakeholders and investors and their “information” expectations and needs.


An intensive semester course for all staff from CAS institutes starting out in knowledge and technology transfer.


Interactive workshop

Date and place

21. – 22. 10. 2021
Large meeting room CETTAV
Vodičkova 40, Prague 1
Admission to the event only after prior registration by email with Barbora Jedličková


Klára Langerová, Radka Šmídová, Lenka Scholzová


Barbora Jedličková, +420 731 663 879