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Connecting business with science

The workshop was intended primarily for scientists and researchers. “This target group very often lacks economic education and does not see the results of its work as ‘goods’ with high added value, but as a purely scientific output that benefits society as a whole. However, if scientists do not perceive the financial value of the result, they cannot even talk about it when negotiating with a commercial entity, “ notes Jiří Trnka, transfer manager of the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

Lecturers from CETTAV, Lenka Scholzová and Jakub Hruška, discussed the financial side of the strategic assessment of knowledge transfer cases, explained what aspects affect the overall financial balance of research cooperation, and also addressed the costs associated with the protection of intellectual property.

The workshop program emphasized the development of practical skills, especially in compiling the underlying calculations for further decision-making and negotiation. “The topic of pricing was the most popular, especially in cooperation with partners of various types. In the discussion, we also returned to the policy of disseminating results for the benefit of society. It can be treated, for example, with an internal prescription, “ both lecturers agreed.

“The workshop helped us realize the value of scientific results and gave the participants the confidence they needed in negotiations on cross-sectoral cooperation,” added Trnka.

The second part of the workshop will continue in a similar spirit and will focus on the financial side of licensing and the business plan for spin-offs.