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Space technology is used in agriculture and banking.

ESA BIC Czech Republic will again support innovative startups. The European Space Agency's business incubator ESA BIC Czech Republic will support other startups working with space technologies. Start-up entrepreneurs can get €50,000 and other support to develop their ideas. The deadline for applications is 22. September.

The ESA BIC Czech Republic incubator, managed by CzechInvest supports projects that use space technologies and satellite data in space or on Earth or introduce new innovative technologies for the space market.

Each year, innovative startups are selected to receive support in the form of funding for their business, mentoring, technical advice and facilities for offices, workshops and laboratories. ESA BIC Czech Republic also works to raise the visibility of these companies and opens the door to interesting contacts and further investments.

“The space industry represents a huge opportunity for the Czech Republic. CzechInvest’s role is to support innovative start-ups and connect them with investors, industry and research institutes that they would have a hard time connecting with on their own. This is also facilitated by the ESA BIC incubator,” said Ivo Denemark, Director of the Division of Startups and Innovative SMEs at CzechInvest.

The upcoming deadline for applications to the incubator is set for 22. September 2023. Representatives of ESA BIC Czech Republic have prepared an informative online workshop for those interested, where they will inform them about the selection process, benefits and conditions of incubation and offer useful tips for filling out the application form. The workshop will take place on 7. September from 4:00 pm. Startups can register or sign up for an individual consultation to get specific advice

“When we talk about space technology, most people think of rockets and satellites. The ESA BIC incubator supports all organisations that use, for example, only satellite data, regardless of their field. The activities of incubated startups are thus used in areas as diverse as agriculture, urban planning, art, aviation, fishing or tourism,” says Marie Němečková, incubation manager at ESA BIC Czech Republic.

Since 2016, when the incubator began operating in the Czech Republic, it has selected 51 startups, some of which it has helped develop their first prototype, while others have been helped on their way to market. The most successful incubated startups include The project turned from a mere idea into a successfully operating enterprise, which managed to sign a contract for servicing the upcoming constellation of 400 satellites with a company that develops satellites for the US Air Force. More information about the incubator is available on the ESA BIC Czech Republic website.

Source: the Agency for Enterprise and Investment Promotion CzechInvest