1. 11. 2021 

CCT offers services and cooperation especially in the field of microcystin analysis in different types of matrices and fluorescence quantification of phytoplankton.

31. 10. 2021 

Technology for the recycling of widely used plastic (cables, pressurized water pipes, etc.), which as waste must not be incinerated or landfilled for more than 3 years. With this technology, waste cross-linked polyethylene is proc...

Invitation to the online conference called Frontier by PatSnap, offered by CeTTAV analyst Jakub Hruška. And when can you join an event with unlimited innovation potential to connect with the world's most innovative minds? In just 21 days, on Thursday 14 October (approx. 14.00 - 23.00 Czech time).
Recently, we shared an article from an online workshop of the CzechInvest agency entitled Intellectual Property as a Growth Accelerator on the Transfer Portal of the CAS. In it, an entrepreneur with many years of experience, co-founder of a consulting company and mentor of the CzechStarter program, shared her know-how.
The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic has five irons in the fire in the second year of the Transfera Technology Day event, which aims to connect Czech science and technology resources with the business community and help create suitable conditions for mutual cooperation.