2. 8. 2021 

We make the latest results and methods of basic research available to breeders and agricultural practitioners and offer services in the field of plant hereditary information research.

1. 8. 2021 

Publicly accessible website with virtual 3D models of selected historical monuments destroyed by the terrorist organization Islamic State in the northern Iraqi metropolis of Mosul.

The next edition of the TT Actual discussion platform aimed to name the obstacles that stand in the way of supporting the transfer of the results of scientific activities into practice. The transferors chose a thorny topic in a survey, and on May 20, 20 of them joined the online discussion.
The establishment of collaboration between researchers from the Czech Republic and world-renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is being made easier thanks to a new program called the MIT-Czech Republic Seed Fund, a joint project of MIT, the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS), and the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the CAS (IOCB Prague). IOCB Prague subsidiary IOCB Tech is providing the fund with 300,000 USD.
First TT Actual transfer discussion platform of this year focused on the effective use of free capacities of instruments and laboratories within the CAS. You can find these capacities in the brand new database of technologies and devices which is the main part of new Transfer portal CAS. The opinions and suggestions of colleagues will serve as a basis for the CETTAV team in solving this task.