11. 9. 2022 

The HiLASE Centre, which is part of the Institute of Physics of the CAS, offers access to its research infrastructure via Open Access.

16. 5. 2022 

We address the problem in the treatment of oncological diseases, which even today is still faced with insufficient therapeutic effect of the used low-molecular-weight cytostatics, caused both by their premature elimination from th...

6 training modules, 6 internal lecturers, 5 guests and 83 hours of intensive work. That's a brief summary of the first run of the innovative training program Transfer is a piece of cake. Within 3 months 9 participants deepened their knowledge in transfer, a young discipline at the interface between science and business.
Invitation to the online conference called Frontier by PatSnap, offered by CeTTAV analyst Jakub Hruška. And when can you join an event with unlimited innovation potential to connect with the world's most innovative minds? In just 21 days, on Thursday 14 October (approx. 14.00 - 23.00 Czech time).
Recently, we shared an article from an online workshop of the CzechInvest agency entitled Intellectual Property as a Growth Accelerator on the Transfer Portal of the CAS. In it, an entrepreneur with many years of experience, co-founder of a consulting company and mentor of the CzechStarter program, shared her know-how.