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AHEAD, Munich sharing of experiences

The offer of the German Fraunhofer company to visit the AHEAD Bootcamp was accepted by my colleague Michal Beluský from CETTAV. These days he is in Munich as a guest of the so-called. Bootcamp, which is a critical gateway to the AHEAD program. AHEAD, like the PRAK programme of the CAS, provides financial and other support to selected TZT projects.

The Bootcamp is a four-day professional event where teams of scientists and innovators prepare the text of their applications to the AHEAD programme. The event will allow participants to assess the level of business readiness of the transferred result.

Bootcamp AHEAD

Bootcamp AHEAD is a source of inspiration for us at CETTAV to develop the PRAK programme through accompanying and supporting events that enable applicants to prepare a better application and gain new knowledge and experience.“says Michal Beluský, Head of Project Management at TZT CeTTAV, who was at the birth of the ambitious PRAK programme of the CAS.

Could you be more specific?

“For many Fraunhofer employees, the Bootcamp is not only a gateway to the AHEAD program, but also an entry into the world of innovative entrepreneurship and technology transfer. Participants can access expert feedback and project targeting in one place. They can thus significantly increase their chances of success in the programme. I would adopt this concept of a focused workshop, which in addition to rapid collaboration brings extra benefits in the form of networking, collegial feedback and tuning in to the same wave.”

However, the programme of your visit also includes a meeting with colleagues from CoLAB?

“The CoLab is a tool through which start-up companies emerging from German universities and incubators can access the expertise and know-how of Fraunhofer. I believe that the Academy of Sciences, in addition to its own spin-off companies, can also support a number of young and talented entrepreneurs who dare to build their companies on the shoulders of Czech science.”