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The Brain4Industry Innovation Centre

Exactly 341 days since the cornerstone was tapped on the 12th. July, the doors of the new building of the Brain4Industry Innovation Centre in Dolní BÅ™ežany opened. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by the Director of the Institute of Physics of the CAS Michael Prouza, the President of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Eva Zažímalová and other distinguished guests.

The new centre equipped with the latest technologies, especially in the field of 3D printing, was built in close proximity to the laser centres HiLASE and ELI Beamlines, postavených Fyzikálním ústavem v Dolních Břežanech téměř před deseti lety. „Předpokládám, že nové centrum Brain4Industry budou mít v budoucnu zájem využít i některé projekty, na kterých se podílí Centrum transferu technologií AV ČR ve spolupráci s dalšími ústavy AV ČR.“ říká Martin Smekal, head of CeTTAV, who also attended the event.

Helping Czech companies to be more competitive

“We took an unusual path and tried to promote cooperation between science, research and industry, especially small and medium-sized companies, because this is something that is still lacking in Czech science, economy and industry. Industry has not yet been able to benefit from the scientific knowledge and advanced expertise that exists in the Czech Republic, which is why we are extremely pleased that the Brain4Industry Innovation Centre will help Czech companies to become more competitive and thus support the entire Czech economy,” said Michael Prouza, Director of the Institute of Physics.

The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic is active at the interface between companies and the research sector and currently has approximately 400 joint projects and direct contracts with Czech companies. According to Chairwoman Zažímalová, the opening of the new B4I centre is an illustrative proof of the transfer of scientific results into practice.

A bridge between science and industry

“The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic is sometimes accused of living in an ivory tower, of doing only basic research,” the chairwoman lamented and immediately added: “Neither of these is true, and as an example, the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, which, thanks to Professor Holý’s patents and licenses, has been a bigger VAT payer than Prague Airport in recent years.” According to the chairwoman, the opening of the new centre is another important step towards creating a real, well-functioning and sufficiently used bridge between science and industry, which is still missing in the Czech Republic.

The Governor of the Central Bohemian Region, Petra Pecková, said in her speech that innovation may mean an undesirable change for some, but for Apple, for example, it means doing things better, according to CEO Tim Cook. Pecková expressed her joy that Dolní Břežany will be a great base not only for Central Bohemian companies, for which innovation is a key factor of success, improved results and efficiency, which, as she observes, is positively reflected in their turnover and success. “That is why there are never enough scientists, researches and innovations, and it is important to continue working to support them,” said the representative of the Central Bohemian Region at the end of her speech.

Adapted and edited from the FZU website.