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Transfer in a new, interactive and dynamic way

The proven training programme Transfer is a piece of cake will be presented in an updated form in September. Changes in the content of each workshop will be accompanied by the inclusion of interactive and dynamic elements. In 3 months, its participants will acquire the basics of transfer, a young discipline from the interface between science and business.

“The programme is a part of the transfer education organised by CeTTAV (Centre for Technology Transfer of the CAS) and is intended for those interested from all departments of the CAS who deal or want to deal with transfer. The aim is to provide participants with basic knowledge and practical experience in the field in which CeTTAV has been working for more than 6 years,” emphasizes Lenka Scholzová, Head of CeTTAV.

Inspired by practice

The new version of the course has been inspired by the interaction, questions and comments of participants from previous courses and includes new developments in the field. Some topics have also been expanded and grouped into six interactive modules to better suit the intention of delivering the course in 3 months. The six one-and-a-half-day dynamic workshops consist of blocks of theory as well as practical exercises and are concluded with a final exam.

What topics will the course cover? Participants will learn how to turn an R&D result into a product, look at it through the eyes of a marketer, discuss the rights to the results of scientific activity, licensing and spin-offs and the possibilities of cooperation with business.

All members of the CeTTAV team will give lectures and the individual thematic blocks will be enriched by the views of invited external experts. Magdalena Křížová, MBA, business mentor and M&A advisor and Mgr. Vojtěch Chloupek, Partner at Bird & Bird. 

Individual approach is the key

“There is a lot of interest in the courses, which of course pleases us. However, the capacity is only 12 people. We want to accommodate each participant, give them space to express themselves and answer their questions. The key for us is an individual approach and the knowledge that each participant will take away what we consider important,” says Barbora Jedličková, CeTTAV’s manager of educational programmes.

The Centre expects to repeat the cycle next year. For more information, please contact Barbora Jedličková from CeTTAV or visit the For Scientists section of the CAS Transfer Portal. Here you can also find information about other training programmes focused on knowledge and technology transfer.