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Connecting business with science

business support

Consulting services and advices on technology transfer, intellectual property and contractual arrangements. We are ready to help you in negotiating the best offer of research results of the CAS institutes.

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We know the environment and teams across the CAS and we can quickly connect your company with relevant scientific teams, experts and services. We will prepare an overview of currently solved scientific topics, projects, including teams of workplaces of the ASCR.

networking events

We organize joint meetings with scientists and research teams, the outcome of the meeting may be pre-negotiated cooperation with a set schedule and clear tasks.

tailor-made contracts

We are well aware of the legal specifics of public research institutions. We will help you to prepare balanced contracts that respect these principles. We offer prepared contract models and professional consultations.

Licensing technology

We will help you strengthen your market position. Take a look at the database (click on DTBZ) of selected research results across the fields of the CAS, which reflect the needs of the market. Enter the world of innovation and choose what interests you. License the selected results and participate in the completion of development until the final product phase.

Database of instruments and laboratory rentals

The institutes of the CAS have top technical equipment, unique devices and free capacity of laboratories. Use our professional capacities for your scientific research projects.

grants opportunities for cooperation

Do you need an insight? Choose from domestic and European grant calls and programs. You will also find links to existing platforms of research organizations and companies.