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CETTAV on LinkedIn

CETTAV's profile on the best social network of professionals significantly helps with the communication of TZT topics and in the exchange of information between colleagues. We started it a year and a half ago out of sheer despair over the fact that we don't have an academic intranet where we can communicate and discuss topics, ideas and invitations to events across our transfer community. He was only for invited guests and was far from the force of today's CETTAV LinkedIn.

Last year, we agreed that we want to use LinkedIn for external communication as well. The open profile, in the corporate part of the network, did not take long. The new content was also supported by a change in form. Under the gentle but convincing pressure of our digital guru, the entire team became involved in content creation, fulfilling its ambition to provide professional content. The author’s circle has also been opened to fellow transferors from CAS.

We would like to provide better exchange of information and the opportunity to learn what they are preparing, what they are working on. You will also find news about what is happening in the field, invitations to local and foreign transfer events and professional training. We regularly want to focus on the new portal and database.

There is currently an invitation to the spring informal TT Actual discussion on the profile, on the topic of effective use of free capacities of devices and laboratories within the CAS. We look forward to seeing, reading, commenting on, sharing and liking us. Digital marketing expert Klára Langerová adds: “LinkedIn has been a platform for business and cooperation since the very beginning. We want to use it as another tool for connecting science with business, bringing you news not only in the field of transfer and bringing quality content.”