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Custom-made course for UPT in Brno

The introduction to the transfer was successful in Brno. So called. for colleagues from the Institute of Instrumentation of the CAS, CeTTAV has prepared a special program, narrowly focused on the area that the center deals with.

The half-day seminar Basic Knowledge Transfer Course was attended by 40 colleagues from ÚPT. The lecturers were Martin Smekal and Michal Beluský, supported by Education Manager Barbora Jedličková (all CeTTAV). The pilot programme was a taster of the classic Transfer Agent course.

Programmes called. tailored courses are part of the transfer education, CeTTAV (Centre for Technology Transfer of the CAS) organizes them for employees of the CAS who want to get oriented in the field of TKT.

The essence of transfer

The head of CeTTAV, Martin Smekal, introduced transfer as a unique, modern field, spoke about the role of CeTTAV and presented in detail the new catalogue of the centre’s services. He also addressed the requirements for interaction with the authorities of the CAS during the individual phases of the transfer. At the end of his presentation, he discussed the purpose, and especially the procedure, for establishing spin-off companies.

Michal Beluský, lawyer and head of the CeTTAV project department, discussed the results of the research and their division, types of intellectual property and how to protect them. He also added facts about the remuneration of creative employees and licensing issues.

The portfolio of transfer agency and marketing services offered surprised colleagues and aroused keen interest. A number of attendees confirmed that it was only here that they realised how effectively CeTTAV can support science teams.

There was also PRAK

A lively discussion accompanied the whole seminar. The participants were most interested in PRAK, the new subsidy programme CeTTAV, respectively. Academy of Sciences. The PRAK project focuses on the support of ongoing TZT cases implemented at the Institutes of the CAS, which will be selected by the PRAK evaluation panel. The announcement of the first pilot call is planned for mid-June this year.

The Brno event was a success. The pilot programme was also appreciated by Prof. Josef Lazar, Director of the Institute of Instrumentation of the CAS, who expressed his conviction that the CeTTAV transfer education programmes will continue in Brno.

Invitation to the end

Don’t forget, there’s another edition to come TT Actual already 14. 6. This time with the topic Valuation of intellectual property, which will be presented by a colleague from the Institute of Physics of the CAS, Mr. Oskar Lažanský, of course you are cordially invited. You can find more information here.