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Information resources not only for transferers

A regularly updated overview of domestic and European grant calls and programmes related to applied research and technology transfer can be found on the Transfer Portal of the CAS in the For Scientists section and on the Academy's website. You don't have to look for a long time, CeTTAV has served you the information on a silver platter, just click.

An overview of subsidy programmes and opportunities, both national and European, is also supplemented by up-to-date information on calls for proposals. Within the web signpost you will also find an Information Resources section with brief descriptions and links to the individual calls and grant programmes we are monitoring for you.

The author of the overview, CeTTAV analyst Jakub Hruška, adds, “We created the information signpost in spring 2020 as a response to the flood of information published in various places about new grant opportunities to support research and development in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. After the fallout from the “covid calls”, we decided to maintain the website and build it into an information resource for all those interested in grant calls and opportunities in applied research, development and technology transfer, including support for spin-offs and start-ups.

Our ambition, while maintaining an element of simplicity, is to create a regularly updated database of public and commercial grant opportunities for science, academic research and support for the transfer of research results into practice. A database that meets this ambition is lacking on the market and information has to be laboriously searched for on various websites. We are now working intensively on a new form of the database, which will provide a better user interface and search and filtering options”.

We would be happy if you could let us know how you find this source of information and what you miss. We would also appreciate your help in creating the database, e.g. by sending us tips on calls and grants that we should include in the tracking. Send your comments directly to