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MPO announced a new call from OP TAK

MPO announced the 1st Call for Infrastructure Services under the Operational Programme Technology and Applications for Competitiveness (OP TAK). The call offers CZK 1 billion in subsidies for SMEs and research organisations. The reception of applications for support will start on 9. August 2023 and will run until 18. January 2024.

The aim of the Call is to develop research and innovation infrastructure and improve its services. The promoters expect an increase in the number of research, development and innovation activities, between businesses and between the public and corporate sectors, with a focus on new technologies and the introduction of advanced innovative solutions.

The call is divided into two areas of support. Activity A focuses on the provision of services to innovative SMEs, where the research and innovation infrastructure will be supported through its own experts or through the provision of external services to provide incubated and other innovative MSP specialised consultancy services.

In Activity B, support is directed towards the expansion of premises and the modernisation and building of new open research and innovation infrastructure, including the acquisition of new equipment. building a new open research and innovation infrastructure.

Interested parties can contact the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, which is the intermediary body of OP TAK and helps with the preparation of grant applications and project administration. The agency is represented in all regions of the country and also operates the so called Green Line +420 800 800 777, where interested parties can address their questions.

More detailed information is available on the website MPO.

You can also find more useful information about grant programmes for applied research and transfer on our Transfer Portal.

Source: the Ministry of Industry and Trade