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People are the key

6 training modules, 6 internal lecturers, 5 guests and 83 hours of intensive work. That's a brief summary of the first run of the innovative training program Transfer is a piece of cake. Within 3 months 9 participants deepened their knowledge in transfer, a young discipline at the interface between science and business.

The presentation of certificates to the fresh graduates was also attended by Ing. Ilona Mullerová, DrSc., Vice-Chairwoman and member of the Board of the Academic Council of the CAS, in charge of coordinating the transfer of knowledge and technology into the application sphere.

The programme is a part of the transfer education organised by CeTTAV (Centre for Technology Transfer of the CAS) and is intended for people from all departments of the CAS who deal or want to deal with transfer. The new version was inspired by the comments of participants of previous courses and offered interactivity, expansion of some topics, more space for exchange of opinions and interesting guests from practice. Interest in discussing with one of them Vojtěch Chloupek from Bird & Bird, on the topic of intellectual property enforcement, was so great that it shuffled the timetable of the whole module.

The outcome from marketing point of view

The marketing module went through a major transformation. The theory was supplemented by practical exercises with real scientific results. There was also work with information and its arrangement or the principles of presentation in front of investors. The lecturers also paid attention to the social network of professionals LinkedIn. The presentation of the result was also part of the final exam. The practical benefit of the module is 6 new product sheets that will enrich the offer in the database of the Transfer Portal CAS.

Radka Šmídová, manager of the Transfer Portal and lecturer of the marketing module, sums up the changes in the module: ” The whole marketing workshop was one big interaction, ending with a presentation of the offered technologies in front of the investor and business coach Margareta Křížová. Actually, from the very beginning the participants had to put their self out there, so to speak. For them, this meant looking at their technology as a product and articulating exactly why, how and for whom it is intended. And that may not be easy in a scientific environment, but it is absolutely essential for dealing with potential buyers, such as investors.”

Vox populi, vox Dei

Barbora Jedličková, CeTTAV’s Education Coordinator, adds her opinion on the innovative training programme, “I will use the words of one of the graduates – thank you for allowing me to attend the course, I learned a lot of necessary information, and I also know what it means when you say that something is intensive. I appreciate the networking with my colleagues and transfer students at CeTTAV and knowing that I can turn to them for advice and help at any time. I sincerely hope that our meetings were not the last. And I know I am not just speaking for myself.”

The Centre expects to repeat the cycle next year. For more information, please visit the For Scientists section of the Transfer Portal CAS. Here you will also find details of other training programmes on knowledge and technology transfer organised by CeTTAV.