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Scientists are not afraid of transfer

On Thursday, June 10, we finished the spring run of the Scientists, never fear transfer series, one of the 4 that CeTTAV organizes in the framework of professional development in the field of transfer. In 3 months we prepared and organized 6 interactive webinars for 85 colleagues from 30 institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

Designed primarily for researchers, the series offered a basic orientation on the application of research results in practice, better known today as knowledge and technology transfer.

Intellectual property in the scientific environment, research results and their application potential, research collaborations with companies or the licensing of research results are topics in which our scientists have improved.

And what is the level of knowledge of the participants, the researchers, in the area of knowledge transfer? “We are always pleasantly surprised. Awareness is at a high level. Researchers understand the importance of transfer and its processes and are keenly interested in the practical examples we prepare for them,” says Barbora Jedličková, CeTTAV’s education manager.

The fact that our scientists have a sense of humor is evidenced by the answer to the question, what would you like to take away from today’s webinar? The answer was – money (for research), and if not, then easy to remember principles of outcome evaluation.

“We strive to prepare interactive workshops that will engage and immerse participants in the learning process. Examples and experiences from transfer practice, surveys and learning games work well. Now we have also included Mentimeter, an interactive presentation software that allows us to organise and evaluate surveys in real time directly during the webinar,” adds Lenka Scholzová, lecturer and head of CeTTAV. This confirms the constantly increasing level of webinars. The question you will take away is what did you come for? 85% of the participants chose the answer yes.

The Scientists Don’t Be Afraid of Transfer series will continue again in the fall. A survey is already underway, the results of which will assign priorities to the topics . It will then be up to the CeTTAV team to add new information to the webinar programme and devise further interactive approaches.

Instead of a conclusion, feedback from one of the participants. “The approach of the lecturers was a definite plus of the whole block; no big formalities and words from the legal lingo, but instead “behind the scenes” information of the type we recommend – avoid it.”

Currently announced courses can be found in the Calendar of Events on the Transfer Portal of the CAS. For more information about individual courses, please contact Barbara Jedličková from CeTTAV.