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Do you like a tailor-made workshop?

Interest in educational events tailored to the so-called workplaces of the CAS is growing. The online workshops thematically respond to the specific needs of the client in the field of knowledge transfer. The program was launched by CETTAV last year and positive references and responses from workplaces are bearing fruit. One of the customers is the Institute of Philosophy of the CAS.

The first so-called tailor-made interactive workshop, organized by CETTAV for colleagues from the Institute of Philosophy, offered copyright in a nutshell and in the context of research work. Lecturers, Lenka Scholzová and Michal Beluský, divided the program into two blocks focused on the basics of copyright in scientific practice and the so-called special cases (collective works, rights to software and databases and rules at the workplaces of the CAS). In 2×90 minutes, they acquainted the participants with the types of author’s work and the possibilities of their use so that the rights of authors and their employers are respected.

“I will certainly be more careful after this workshop. You led me to find out that I know that I don’t know anything, and thus to study copyright law, “wrote one of the participants.

The workshop on copyright among colleagues from FLÚ provoked a lively response and it was followed by a follow-up, which focused on answers to specific questions from participants and provided space for in-depth discussion. The lecturer, Lenka Scholzová from CETTAV, accompanied it with practical examples and there was still time to return to topics such as unauthorized interference with the author’s work, an agreement on the transfer of rights to the work or the author’s fee versus the employee’s work. The recording of the seminar for further use, which the participants received, was just a icing on the cake or a small plus of the online version of the webinar.

The contribution of both events was also evaluated by Julie Černá, Scientific Secretary of the FLÚ: “I saw the seminar as an opportunity to learn more about copyright as such, as well as the problems that colleagues from the FLÚ are solving in this context. The expectations came true. I especially appreciate the presentation by my colleague Scholzová, which was instructive and clear.“

CETTAV is currently completing the preparation of another 5 so-called tailor-made thematic workshops, this time for ÚFCHJH, ÚČL, HiLase, ÚSD and BC. An up-to-date overview of educational events can be found in the For Scientists section. Maybe it will be an inspiration for you.