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Recently, we shared an article from an online workshop of the CzechInvest agency entitled Intellectual Property as a Growth Accelerator on the Transfer Portal of the CAS. In it, an entrepreneur with many years of experience, co-founder of a consulting company and mentor of the CzechStarter program, shared her know-how.

We were so intrigued by the text, that the idea of inviting the author to the transfer discussion we organize at CeTTAV did not take long. Can you guess who will be the guest of the next edition of TT Actual? If not, read on.

With whom

She knows all about the difficult-to-bridge gap between academia and business. At 23, she had her first taste of business in a real environment. When she speaks you can tell experience and insight. She is dedicated to supporting promising startups, and her innovation boutique Pipette && Chart helps promising companies get a foothold in the marketplace.

Liliana Berezkin is an entrepreneur and leading advisor on emerging technologies and their application in the marketplace. She has experience in leading and overseeing bio and nanotechnology companies. Her domain is the creation of business models and product strategies in the field of pharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine and cosmetics. During her successful career, she has founded and actively participated in several entrepreneurial initiatives that help start-ups and SMEs to achieve high scientific standards and market competitiveness. Her passion is accelerating projects in their early stages, developing innovative strategies and internationalizing corporate entities.


Who do you already know, and what will the September edition of TT Actual’s transfer agent discussion platform be about? The topics offer themselves. What questions do founders of new companies, in our case spin-offs, forget to ask? What obstacles do they need to prepare for and how do they overcome them? What must a good business plan contain and how to think about it from the start? The five steps that lead from invention to innovation or which way to go to meet the goals. And finally, we take the liberty to speculate with our guest on the topics that will dominate the market in 10 years.


An informal environment, interesting topics and guests, that’s TT Actual. A platform for transfer professionals from the CAS environment. We look forward to your questions and comments, because you are the ones who create the content of TT Actual.

September 30 from 3 to 5 pm online. Enter by registration only.