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Late July, we'll bring you another transfer story. The VDI monitor measures and evaluates high-frequency ECG signals and determines parameters describing the dyssynchrony of heart muscle work.

When the doctor sees the high-frequency maps that the monitor can produce in real time, it helps him or her get a better picture of how the pacemaker worked and can determine the optimal pacemaker electrode configuration during surgery. The head of the scientific group, Institute of Instrumentation of the CAS Ing. Pavel Jurák, PhD, knows what he is talking about when he answers the question about the relationship between two worlds.

We often encounter the opinion that there is still a big gap between business and academia, there is no common language and often no will to understand each other. In the case of your scientific work, it seems exactly the opposite. What is your recipe for a collision-free cooperation between science and business?

Mistakes can be found on both sides. Academia often does not provide topics suitable for practice and does not realise the difference between a proof of principle and a commercial product. The private sector often does not believe in the prospect of specific research and fails to appreciate its potential. However, it is important to realise that it is quite common for something to go wrong. On the contrary, successful collaborations culminating in a final product are not common. So it is not enough to have an idea, the key is the link between the research department, the application department and the funding. If everything works out (even humanly), then it can work.