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Plan of transfer

Assessment of the application potential and design of a plan for applying the technology or knowledge

Did your team produce a great scientific result? Then don’t hesitate to offer it for use. We will be happy to help you with the transfer.

Together, we will identify the technology or intellectual property to be transferred and propose steps to increase its market (“MRL”) and technology (“TRL”) readiness.

This service also includes IP protection support in cooperation with domestic and foreign patent attorneys.

Outcome: An implementable project plan
  • Definition of transferable technology or knowledge
  • Readiness assessment
    • Intellectual Property Protection (IPR)
    • Technology Readiness (TRL)
    • Market Readiness (MRL)
  • Design of the application model

Transfer Financing

Support in future financing

We will prepare a proposal for variant financing of transfer cases.

We will consider the possibility of using support from the PRAK development programme.

We will offer advice on the selection of sources of public support and grants.

We will use the synergies of our teams to obtain the optimal result.

And much more..

Outcome: Financial means to increase readiness level
  • Confirmation of activities to increase readiness level
  • Draft financing options
  • Support for the implementation of the selected activities
    • obtaining sources of public support and grants
    • establishing contacts with strategic and industrial partners
    • opening door to capital funds, investors and financial institutions

IP Valorization

Ensuring intellectual property protection

All property must be protected. This is no different for intellectual property. Here too, we can offer expert help.

Our IPR specialist will discuss the case with you, explain the nodal points and recommend the appropriate approach to protection.

If necessary, they will recommend a suitable patent office and teach you how to manage the necessary record keeping.

Outcome: Development of the institute´s intelectual property portfolio
  • Recommending an appropriate approach to intellectual property protection
  • Ensuring protection in cooperation with the patent office
  • Notification of the occurrence of a research findings
  • Supporting record keeping in specialised software


Ensuring the preparation, approval and establishment of the new company

We have established several of them, learning everything step by step. And what can we offer you?

Above all, our experience, information and contacts. We will accompany you from the first step to the establishment of the new company.

We will develop a business plan and propose a funding model, including the use of PRAK academic development programme funds.

We will help with the preparation of the necessary documentation and the set up of an implementation team.

Outcome: Spin-off company with a clear purpose, quality team and robust financial plan
  • Preparation of a business plan
  • Proposal of a financing model
  • Founder´s documentation
  • Approval of the plan by the founder
  • Setting up the implementation team
  • Establishment and launch of the company

Industrial Cooperation

Finding a partner and support in negotiations

We have defined transferable technology or intellectual property. We have a transfer plan and proposals for variant financing.

Now the business partner enters the scene. We’ll help you find one.

We will examine existing business relationships.

We look for new opportunities.

We’ll arrange meetings and support you in negotiations.

Outcome: New or deepened relationship with an industrial partner
  • Analysis of existing relationships with industrial partners
  • Proposing opportunities for expanding or establishing cooperation
  • Business development towards selected partners
  • Negotiation of cooperation terms
  • Support in the preparation of contractual documentation

Professional Development

Building and development of professional competences at the institutes of the CAS

We capitalize and share our knowledge and experience in programs for new transfer workers. We regularly prepare professional seminars and workshops.

For CAS institutes we offer tailor-made training programmes that reflect their specific needs.

We maintain a high standard in our development programmes. Of course, we have expert lecturers from practice and modern teaching methods.

Outcome: Professional presentation of results
  • Training programme for new transfer professionals – TT Boost
  • Specialised seminars, workshops and lectures
  • Tailored training for institutes on selected topics
  • Training – Introduction to the transfer
  • Open courses for participants outside the CAS

Transfer Community Services

Building and supporting the transfer community at the CAS

They say that people are the key. We are fully aware of this, so we have established and are building a transfer community, a growing network of specialists.

We share the experience of completed transfer cases. We organize networking events. We disseminate information and develop a network of experts in related fields. And not only that.

. Increasingly, we have reason to publish transfer success stories in academic and professional media.

Outcome: Cultivated transfer environment at the CAS
  • Sharing experience and knowledge for the implementation of the transfer
  • Developing a network of experts to engage in projects
  • Development of campus transfer teams and collaboration
  • Networking events
  • Information on grant opportunities
  • Newsletters on current topics
  • Domestic and international stays to gain knowledge


Marketing and communication support – we will design a professional presentation

To see and be seen. Our result has already come a long way towards success. The onus is on our marketing team to select opportunities for visibility and recommend appropriate media for communication.

Here too we can contribute experience, advice or assistance. We can design a communication plan, help with the preparation of marketing materials and product sheets.

We will offer your result a place in our showcase, on the Transfer Portal, in the database of results ready for transfer.

Outcome: Professional presentation of science discoveries
  • Presentation on the Transfer Portal of the CAS and in its main section – Database
  • Plans for communication of research findings intended for transfer or offer to the business sphere
  • Creation of product sheets and marketing materials
  • Events for presenting selected research findings to application partners (matchmaking)
  • Participation and presentation of research findings at professional conferences or trade fairs (in the Czech Republic and abroad)
  • Participation in selected competitions and other opportunities for visibility
  • Visibility of research findings in appropriate media and channels outside the CAS