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Connecting business with science

Transfera Technology Day for the second time

The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic has five irons in the fire in the second year of the Transfera Technology Day event, which aims to connect Czech science and technology resources with the business community and help create suitable conditions for mutual cooperation.

Transfer in a new, interactive and dynamic way

The proven training programme Transfer is a piece of cake will be presented in an updated form in September. Changes in the content of each workshop will be accompanied by the inclusion of interactive and dynamic elements. In 3 months, its participants will acquire the basics of transfer, a young discipline from the interface between science and business.

Economic issues of cross – sectoral cooperation

… or look for money behind everything.
Before you start thinking about transferring your scientific result, be sure to calculate everything well in advance. Perhaps the ground-floor, but very important point of view on working with the results of scientific activities was the content of the first part of the “tailor-made” workshop organized by CETTAV for the J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry of the CAS.

Inspiration from Argentina

Sharing information, experiences and opportunities for collaboration, this time from another continent. An online conference that connected carriers and scientists across the ocean.

Start-ups in post covid time

Start-ups in the new era or what is necessary to realize, what to count on and what to prepare for when planning and preparing the establishment of start-ups and spin-offs. Excellent webinar built by Ivan Dvořák from the innovation agency ILA.